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A platform that has consistently adapted to the marketplace and created new ways to connect with users.

Our Facebook Marketing in Singapore will enable your company to boost your Facebook visibility, generate more leads and customer engagement. We help you to take full advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on such a large, acquired audience. The users flock to Facebook to get a sneak peek at what their favorite brands are up to, and share their personal experiences with a particular brand or company.

Making a strong Facebook presence will allow you to get in touch with your loyal following, acquire new prospects, and gain valuable feedback for future projects. This social network’s captive audience is the one that you can’t afford to ignore. With impressive and forward-thinking strategies, HSP’s Facebook marketing is here to help.

Facebook is by far the biggest social network in the world and Facebook Ads is the perfect way to reach broad and niche markets precisely. We offer several solutions of Facebook Ads in Singapore that suits your exact advertising campaign requirements and budget, targeting exact audiences, based on specific social and geographic information that can be used to refine targeting.

Facebook Audience Identification

We find and target your exact audience that includes estimated number of audience and costs to advertise.

Creative Design

We creative design all images used for posting the ads with some excellent creative ideas, designed especially for your target audience.

Statistical Monitoring

We combine Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to report back on the progress of the campaign in detail which also includes the demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your ads and page.

ROI Reporting

We keep you updated with ROI performance reports monthly detailing the exact expenditure vs conversion rate.

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